Thursday, July 15, 2010

left alone

I always thought about me very first blog. how it will be, what i'll write about but majorly i fantasized it to be funny. really comical. but i guess things don't go the way you plan, they really do not.
day before yesterday , I went to visit my uncle at the hospital.He was admitted there since a few days. hospitals just make me sad. its not the enviroment that makes me sad its the people there. patients, their attendants and even doctors. patients because of their illness, their helpless condition - regardless, attendants because of the way they behave [ i will elaborate this later in the post] and doctors because of their carelessness.
so i was sitting with my uncle , looking around and praying for all the sick people in the hospital when i noticed a patient lying on the bed right in front of my uncle's. He was old, must be around 65 - 70years or so - had both his arms fractured , a neck collar which very obviously showed tracheotomy [ a surgical procedure on the neck done to open a direct airway] done. he was a case of some accident, i assumed. he looked aimlessly at the ceiling but what caught my attention the most was he was all alone. he had no attendant to help him or get through the living hell he was going through. maybe his attendant had gone out for a stroll or something or maybe he was in the washroom but no - there was just nobody. my uncle was admitted due to food poisoning so that was nothing much serious hence i was more worried for that old man than my uncle. when i asked my mum , who had been there whole day, i got to know there actually was nobody with that old man.i just felt so bad, so sick i cant even express in words here.i didnt really know what to do or how to help i just prayed for him.
next day i went again to visit my uncle and after saying my salam [the way we muslims great each other] to him i instantly looked around for that old man & today he wasn't alone. short-height , red in color [literally] , greasy golden-brown hair & wore a rugged shalwar kameez [ our region's cultural dress] and he was snoring - guys, he was this poor old man's attendant.
i was busily observing this lad when that old man muffled something i coudnt make out, so i went upto him ignoring that cold-blooded piranha who looked pretty much like this
no, i am not being rude. i really did hate him the moment i saw him.
so anyways, i asked "uncle , how are you, do you need something?"
"fine , thank you, please give me some water to drink" he replied.
"alright , just wait up, i will get some nurse to do it" i said and hurriedly went to the nurse's counter & got a male nurse to feed him some water.
that piranha, got up, saw all this, changed his side and went back to sleep.
by this time , i had realized that old man was all alone - literally. as he had no relatives who would come visit him or to take care of him. and i had no idea who on earth was that moron who had come to complete his session of sleep.
that old man would say something once in a while - like talk to himself and his fellow patients would reply back. like "is the doctor coming ?" "yes he is coming" would be his fellow patients reply.. and rest of the time he would just keep looking at the ceiling.
half of the time when he would try saying something or ask for something , that piranha would very easily hush him up by yelling at him and scolding him because now that he was up from his slumber he was very busy on his mobile phone, playing games loudly , making in numerous calls, playing pakhtoon music. OR he would just press the buttons on the automatic patient bed and move it up and down to divert old-man's attention.
it gets worse guys; when the old man asked for something, he just spanked him ! :(
yes, he spanked him ! BECAUSE HE WAS ON THE FREAKING PHONE AND WAS GETTING DISTURBED. how convenient ? right ?
- its just so sad,we all are gonna get old.maybe some of us are already at that point in life ; ready to be left alone. sigh. there is too much on my mind to say about this but i'll leave it for the time being.
tc ya'all and be good to others !

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