Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cheese love

I love cheese. period. anytime of the day , in any form. I love its cheesy, tangy sort of taste and I love the flavor it brings out in the different dishes when added to them. The other day we got an unexpected off from work due to city conditions and it was my Eid. Eid is our religious festive occasion marking the end of our holy month of Ramadan, in which we fast from dawn to dusk for 30 days.Its one of the happiest occasions in the whole year.SO yeah, you guys, do you realize my love for cheese ? ha ha . ha . ha
Anyways, So I stepped into my cooking shoes , well actually making a grilled cheese sandwich is not "cooking - cooking" exactly but I was actually moving my butt around you see? Otherwise, I am too lazy to even wipe off the dust from my computer screen even when I can barely see.
I made two sandwiches, one for my mom and one for myself and filled good amount of tea in our huge "towers of tea".
Now, I can't even start telling you how good these bad boys were . seriously! the cheese just made my heart melt. sigh. that's a happy, contended sigh :)

Its pretty easy to make.Take two bread slices, put cheese on one of them, any cheese you like. I put Cheddar cheese.Put the other slice on top and butter up both the sides of the sandwich and grill it. I was too lazy to take out the griller and use it hence thanks to my laziness , I just grilled it on a simple pan.pretty difficult eh ? I know. y'all will never be able to thank me enough for this nerve-wrecking recipe.

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