Wednesday, December 8, 2010

line that up!

You know how sometimes you are having a bad day, like right from the minute you have jumped out from the Oh-so-cozy bed to driving to work/school with almost three quarter eyes closed and then running around to fetch a cup of tea and hiding away from the senior workers until tea has arrived and you have had your breakfast and patted your tummy [ I refuse to wake up 10 min's early and have ample time to have my eyes fully open and less swollen and also to eat breakfast and sip away tea, not to mention, I completely -OK?! completely refuse to iron my clothes at night, hence I do it within 3 mins in the morning when I have exactly 15-to 20 mins to get ready including taking a shower !! ]
So, where was I? Oh yea, so you guys , I was having a bad bad day. Wait, I forgot to mention that my patient also got messed up. I did her filling, it was a beautiful filling I did and then I asked the patient to close her mouth very slowly, applying minimum pressure while bringing the teeth together so the newly done filling doesn't break. and um well. she applied full force and it broke. yes, it broke. :( I was devastated ! my heart broke into a million little pieces and scattered all over the floor. I had put all my heart and mind in the masterpiece I had created and right in front of my eyes it just went away - :( this happened , then I realized she was a RCT [ root canal patient ] because her pulp was exposed , it was a BIG hole that was there already and when i removed the caries [ the bad boys which ruin your teeth turning them into ugly black pits] it just became so big that even I could fit in it. that's a whole different story now, why a RCT pt was handed over to me to fill it up when it was very much obvious that she was a RCT patient ! anyways, so I handed her over to the RCT people after spending a good 1hour on her !
so when we were coming back, my friend [kk] and I [ we come and go together] she actually made my day by giving me a sweet compliment on how neatly I work. I was just beaming at her.
this line you guys, just brightened my not-so-bright day. Isn't it just gorgeous when someone just makes your day by complimenting you over something that others don't even notice and most probably , you , yourself don't know it either ?
I love you KK [ even tho at times I hate you so much I could break your jaw. ]
kidding. relax.

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