Monday, December 13, 2010


It's about time, I learn from my mistakes and STOP repeating them over and over again because otherwise - the same things or mistakes really do affect me and upset me in the end. I am sad and hurt and upset. Its about a friend , I am taking about here, guys. I would feel guilty , I know, if I jot down my anger about that 'friend' here hence lets just leave the story here only. I must move on. sigh. Sabee, my friend, you were right. You always have been. I just never listened to you regarding this. miss you sabee. come back to me.
I was in such a good mood until this stupid thing came out in the open. If it weren't for this , I was gonna post about a very cute incident that took place with me yesterday. anyways, I will do that tomorrow guys.

heartbroken - I am going to pray and sleep then.
may Allah help me out of this and guide me always to the right path and help me achieve patience. Ameen.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you're having a tough time. I know what it's like to repeat the same stupid mistakes over and over again. InshAllah we'll begin to learn from our mistakes, may Allah give us strength to do the right things. I'll keep you in my prayers sister. May Allah bless you and give you strength, patience and peace of mind. Ameen.

  2. aww Becky, thank you so much ! means a lot. yes may Allah Pak guide us to the right path and help us making the right choices. Ameen
    I already like you :)