Thursday, December 16, 2010

She smiles an innocent smile.

We were coming back home from work [ me and KK] and stopped on a red light; while waiting for the light to turn green and chit chatting total crap I looked out of the window to find a beautiful 8-10 year old girl, sitting by the side of the road.A pretty pink scarf draped around her which she wore on a pink and white shirt and shalwar [trousers].Her brownish-black hair tightly tied into a ponytail and her small dirty hands tightly clutching onto a bundle of small car-towels and happily nibbling onto small - dried apricots.She was not a beggar nor a sympathy gainer but rather a very poor girl who was making an earning , for herself & her family by selling those car-wipes. I normally don't observe such people because I am always lost in my own world but I don't know how and why today, her innocent face just gripped me. Looking at me from over a distance she had such a twinkle in her eyes. For the heck of it ,I raised my both eyebrows and did that "expression talk - with eyes" which would translate into a friendly hello if put into words and she returned me the hello using the same "expression talk". Interestingly amused I did that again and passed her a smile and you guys won't believe this , she actually offered me the apricots she was eating! unbelievable, no ? I just felt my heart melt when I saw her doing that. I just always felt when you are poor , you just can't offer stuff to others because you are already short on it. It was just a stupid thought I always had which she changed today - totally.
That girl may be poor, may have dirty hands , broken slippers and sun blazing on her small unhealthy body but she had the heart - to share and love and smile.
I wish I could do something for her. I just might.Lets see what I can .
And I will try taking her photo and putting it up here so you all can see her small face and pretty eyes smiling onto the world around her.

There is still goodness in this world.
May Allah bless you all and that girl. Ameen.