Monday, January 17, 2011

whataaay Sunday.

I hate sundays. period. I just hate them. Not because its a sunday but because next day is a monday. Its just awful ! Its not fair, why can't we have a full fledge weekend to enjoy and rest and party instead of a one day weekend, i.e., a sunday ! Its ends before it starts and I have a sick feeling in my stomach all day long that next day is another start of a busy and tiring week. I did nothing today because I was suffering from a weird - winter com new year com birthday approaching depression. It was a killer. Thank God sunday is done and over with.
I had soooo much to for today guys and I did absolutely nothing you guys. hehehe. I was pissed off over the one-day-weekend. I can't do so much ! This week is going to be a killer . I'll tell you why in a day or so if I survive through it.
alright babies, bye.
sleep time.
p.s. I got a lot to update with you all. Its sad how lazy and boring and sad I have become. bleeeeeeeeeeeeh !

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