Monday, February 7, 2011

puff the magic dragon

I was told it was a stupid song but I still went and youtubbed it and it was baaad !
Anyways, its 3:45 am, I am still up, after spending two whole hours of tossing and turning in bed , reciting durood shareef, praying , texting and pretending I am asleep , tossing turning again, pretending some more, I woke up finally because I CAN NOT SLEEP ! How on earth will I get through the day tomorrow , its going to be a LONG freaking day ?! crap crap crap.
first hospital [its the first working day of the week, so its gonna be a killer cos there will be so much of patient flow ! ] and then after coming back - evening tuition's! [ I have been teaching since sometime now - sorry peeps for not updating : ]
and I absolutely loathe the dark circles which I am bound to get some now :(
and I am feeling the hunger pangs which I was suppressing since before going to bed.
dear Lord, have mercy on me. Ameen.
got some 3 and a half hours of sleep left which is IF I sleep right about, lets see, errr
I hate Sundays but I had a real good weekend. Thanks Shaffs :)


  1. Awww I'm sorry you had such a restless night. I hope you didn't do too badly yesterday, and were able to sleep last night.

  2. thanks Becky. how are you ? long long time ya