Sunday, January 1, 2012


Sooo fellas, IT IS NEW YEAR !
woohooo !
Yeus, I had forgotten about my blog. Actually no, I did not forget, I just did not feel like posting/writing anymore. It wasn't exciting enough for me.
anyways, ITS NEW YEAR ! I am so happy. MashAllah.


Life , itself is too big an intransigent reason for us to be happy and grateful for!
i am ecstatic that this year has come to an end , laving away all the bad & sad things that
happened in it.People parted away and numerous new ones, blissfully entered our lives, while
some unwanted oleanders were deliberately and thankfully, guillotined 'out' of our lives .
Here is to a new year everyone! New Year, New Life, Health, Happiness & Safety !

clink cink.
time to celebrate and dance.


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