Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chicken and basil spaghettis

Its been borning and tough last two weeks for my mum and I. Boring because we both couldn't really go out ; out to eat , shop (for groceries essentially), roam around and tough because we both got down with sore throat infection and fever one by one. I got a buy one- get one free sickness i.e. gastroenteritis which was definitely bad but the worst part was the necessity to take antibiotics! whoof! crazy , I tell ya'll . They just made me float.Well, not literally but yes they did. I felt woozy and lost and just felt like i am floating, seriously.So , anyways, now because we were sick, we couldn't have any fancy meals with enough spices to tantilize our tastebuds & cold water to soothe our senses & kill the heat coz our throats were killing us ! Now because we were sick , we just needed basic food for survival - sick people's food as we call it here comprising of milk , cereal , soups , tea , eggs [ in any form]. All of these items could be taken back to forth or forth to back , either way it was sick person's food and that wouldn't change and it actually made us feel sick.literally. now where was i ? oh yeh, so because we were sick we didn't have the strength to go and buy essential and tasty (umm ?!) food -groceries ! coz of that we coudn't cook some fancy meals and eat them and be less agitated and more happy . So today , i finally took the big step. As i had over-thrown the infection before my mum I felt the dire need to have some delicious food under my nose, so I cooked ! yay ! after so long I cooked.I made the effort to run to the nearby market to fetch some chicken and veggies. On my way back to home I decided to cook spaghettis with chicken and home-grown basil. Thats called on the run- on the spot recipe.its something very hard.not everoyne can do it, you know ? special talent !
It actually turned out to be nice and yummy. Very simple to make and has a nice herby flavour to it because of the basil. Diced in some veggies, sauted em' and fried the chicken, boiled the spaghettis , tossed it all together and added some spices and tomato ketchup and voila !


Chicken boneless 1 cup
green bellpepper 1 diced
carrots 4-5 medium sized diced
onions 5-6 small sized diced
green chillis 5
basil leaves 1/2 cup or handful of em
spaghettis 1 pack , boiled
cornflour 2 tbspoon
salt , pepper , chilli and soya sauce to taste
oil for frying

i like using onions coz its one of my fav veggies , mostly people don't like the use of onions, so its upto you. I also used one medium sized red chilli.It added to the color and spice of the dish, I was out of paprika otherwise would have used that instead of fresh red chilli.
1. dice up all the veggies and saute them
2. fry chicken with some salt , pepper and cornflour
3. boil the spaghettis, drain them and keep them in a pot with some oil mixed in it in order to save em from gluing up together and breaking
4. toss everything in a big pan, mix it well , add fresh basil leaves, chilli and soya sauce and tomato ketcup and serve hot

you are good to go . enjoy :)

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