Friday, October 8, 2010

Slow down.

I would never understand as a child when my grandmother [ may God grant her Jan'nah ] would tell me that life comes and goes in a blink of the eye.We get old way too quickly than we anticipate & before we know it everything is gone; youth , beauty , independence , radiance.Now that she is gone and I have grown old - older by the day, i realize she was so right. Time is passing by too quickly, we are running around crazily in our lives doing actually nothing- running around to make money, a good career and a house is not it. We have forgotten to love, live , cherish and feel within ourselves and around ourselves. we need to slow down and catch a carefree laugh with our old friends, to sit down and have a cup of tea with our mothers , to listen to what our grandparents want to tell us - a story of their youth , a joke of their teenage , an experience they would want to share, to look around at all the beauty nature has provided us with ; the sky, trees , flowers , birds , butterflies , animals, breeze , soil. I, constantly need to remind myself of all these things and avoid the catalytic processes going on all the time in my life.

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