Friday, October 8, 2010

scores of life

how true is that ? We really need to slow down with our lives.

A great illustration.One should love oneself, be content and happy with what one had , has and will have.I should get this one for sure; we all need reminders , don't we ? ;)

So with this illustration Suzzanne millius says she can be anywhere she wants ; in her mind she is always travelling & dreaming of places she wants to travel, may it be Paris, dublin , london, newyork , rome.This is SO me. I love travelling - and I am already dreaming of these places :)

Only a girl can understand the love for shoes! This is such a cute illustration and a great gift idea for a friend , mother or even oneself. I want this one too ! Would love to hang it near my dressing table or on my closet.

This is every mother !
adorable !

I was going through one of my most-visited websites when i found these pieces of art.Each piece defining a moment in life , a thought , a can really relate oneself in one way or the other with these illustrations. I am loving them ! All of them are by suzanne millius
and can be found here

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