Friday, October 8, 2010

morning sunshine

on our way to work every morning
kk: i didn't wana come at all today.
me: yeh , me too

tuesday -
kk: oh God, another day ,i so didn't wana come ! (yawn)
me: i know , me neither. i hate our school!

wednesday -
kk: you know, today, of all the days i didn't wana come the most !! (yawn)
me: i know , me too !

me : i didn't wana come today at all. this sucks !
kk: (yawn) yeh , i don't wana come EVERYDAY

me : didn't wana come !
kk: i know, me neither. (yawn)

kk: oh God, its going to be a long day! thank God , we got off tomorrow
me : yeh , thank God! i hate going to school !

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