Monday, October 25, 2010


One of the items from my "to cook list" in my previous blog can be cut off ! Because I made it today. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting! Oh , it was such a delight baking it and then assembling it all together. Actually I spent half of my Sunday in the kitchen today , cooking & baking.I started with Carrot-cake, washed , peeled and shredded the carrots and mixed along with the other ingredients and slopped all of the mixture in the pan & put it in oven to bake.Then, my Aunt came over late in the evening around tea time and my momma had nothing to keep with the tea because I had gobbled down all her kept-strictly-for-the-guests-food goodies and because of that my mum got too panicked and was almost gonna hit the roof with her anger because her lil angel had ruined her hospitality when I volunteered to make something in order to cover up for the crime I had committed, which I wouldn't have had if she wouldn't have threatened me to break her promise to get me an Anaconda for my coming birthday.joking. relax guys. So, now that I was short on time and hungry myself, I had to make something filling and easy and QUICK ! Chicken Fajia wraps with sour cream ! yup, thats what I made.yum yum yum.I wish , I had saved one for myself to hog onto at a time like this (right now), you know? Like you eat something and then you eat so much of it that you think you are gonna puke and promise yourself you will not eat for another 3 days but after just two hours you are ready to pounce on food again (usually its the same thing you ate, that yummy item on the table). No? like this doesn't happen with you guys ?? Are you serious ? ARE YOU NORMAL ?
okay , maybe you are and I am not but STILL I would do something like that. Ha. Haha .Ha
On your face !
oh man, I tell you , I had so much fun making and then later eating and listening to the flattering compliments on my cooking. sigh. It was worth it . It was such a rush that I totally forgot to take its photos but I took loads of the Carrot cake.