Sunday, October 31, 2010


Just today, one of our demos (demonstrator- like one of the big shots [sorta] in our departments [ in our hospital, where I work , as a dentist) was talking about Nitrous Oxide - how it helps in, umm calming the nerves and losing oneself ( can't write in detail about getting high - its a family-friendly website ) when I smiled to myself and thought that I actually get that feeling on having plain water ( I swear to God) or just sitting with a good buddy & having nothing to talk about just makes in fall into these uncontrollable fits of laughter &\OR when I listen to some good music.seriously. I hadn't realized the last part until I came home today and later in the evening I randomly started listening to one of the world's legendary singer\composer\musician "Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan". It wasn't the first time I was listening to him.I have practically grown up listening to his beautiful compositions.But today it was just different - a different world. I started browsing through his songs and one by one I listened to his songs esp his remixed songs done by Michael brook. I actually felt myself getting intoxicated while listening to it. His music is just so calming and soothing , you can just drift away. He didn't make just normal music, or composed trashy hip hop dance numbers, he composed music out of this world. Its just magical, how it gives you a feeling of tranquility and trance. Each song he has made and people like Eddie Vedder and Michael Brooks and many other big names that have remixed or collaborated in with his music, has been made as an individual masterpiece, each has been carefully written , sung , composed into something so unique it leaves you bewildered. Its pure magic.
I am still in a trance after listening to his music all day today and I am totally addicted to it. I think I am getting a bit too excited about it - I feel like grabbing all my friends and making them listen to it . I tried it with my mum - she didn't reply and went back to her work. Err I guess it doesn't work on mothers .She still wanted me to do the dishes.

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  1. Your secret admirer is stalking you...oooo...