Sunday, October 31, 2010

nusrat fateh ali khan with michael brook - Intoxicted

you see , I get excited , most of the times while doing something I enjoy and then I tend to either ruin in or do it in a manner I had not anticipated. see, for example, I just wrote a whole blog regarding Ustad Nustrat Fateh Ali Khan and the trance his music puts me in and I totally forgot to link in this "totally - super - mega - beautiful" song in that post and I just let it be plain and boring with my stupid rant . SEE SEE SEE ! but what do you expect, its 3 in the morning and I haven't been able to have a full night's sleep in the past whole week coz stupid things keep me busy. I am SO happy its Sunday tomorrow ! finally I will be able to sleep in till late. Yippee ! Oh wait, this was supposed to be about music.

must sleep N O W.

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