Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's that time of the year again.

Hey you all,
I am back ! I can't believe I didn't write a single post the whole of November. I really wanted to, so much was on my mind and so much had happened that I wanted to talk about but ! but but but my stupid computer died on me. apparently it had some problem with it's processor's fan and it would just start making these funny and SCARY grunting noises when I would work. sigh, anyways, I got it fixed and now I am here.I am just going to post a few photos of what I had been cooking all this time , the happening stuff that has taken place and still is [ life? ] I'll get talking about in a couple of days :)

Oh, and by the header I mean, its December ! year is ending . . time is flying .

Chicken with white sauce !

rainbow cupcakes !

Baked Cheese potatoes

Date Delight

Almond & chocolate chip cookies !

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