Wednesday, June 1, 2011

blatter patter

Boys and Girls ! I am , yet again in that shock-time of the month. no, no , its not PMS for that matter . Another month down and a new one has begun. Where on earth is time flying ? Why is it flying ? It should crawl . seriously , you guys , I AM GETTING OLD like quite rapidly . Time , please just slow down . Or wait , no not right now . I guess , it can fly all it wants for the next 5 months. yup. Just something I am going through, my life being on hold for 6 months. One is down and five more to go. Sorry God, I was being ungrateful. Time can pass quickly all it wants and I shall do a whoopee-do once these 5 months pass by.

Anyways, its 1st of June and my brain is making whirring sounds trying to remember something. Something has happened this day , as in its either some one's birthday or err I was supposed to remember something for someone today. And I had thought my gold-fish syndrome was gone but its here to stay .

So its June , cool. Looking forward to rains and beach trips and some night parties.

...random thought stirring up, up and up. I wanna go snorkeling . right now.

All I can think of right now is such crap. I promise, I will come back with a lot more interesting stuff to talk about .

bye guys . its 4:53 am , better sleep. its going to be a long long day ahead !

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